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Fairy Forest: Fairy Flowers Earrings

Fairies and nature are the inspiration for this Collection. Deep green Jade, Pyrite, Antique Bronze metal and complementary shades of cold enamelling unite all the pieces, so you can mix and match across the collection. These dainty drop earrings combine green Jade rounds and flower charms. So easy to wear. Earring drop: 4cm

SKU: CFF0041 available

Fairy Forest

The Fairy Forest Jewellery Collection is inspired by myth, legend, Fairies and the wonders of woods and trees.

Fairy Forest: Owl Longline Necklace

SKU: CFF0011 available


Fairy Forest: Golden Leaves Drop Earrings

SKU: CFF0051 available


Fairy Forest: Fairy Pendant Necklace

SKU: CFF0021 available


Fairy Forest: Fairy Friends Necklace

SKU: CFF0031 available


Fairy Forest: Fairy Flowers Earrings

SKU: CFF0041 available