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'Mallorn' Antique Bronze Wirework Collar Necklace

Named after the beautiful tall trees of Lothlorien in JRR Tolkien's book The Lord of the Rings, 'Mallorn' is a collar style necklace of Antique Bronze wire, formed into sinuous open leaf shapes and studded with soft mink Shell Pearls, Pyrite and soft Tourmaline. Many of the gemstones are allowed to move, so the whole piece has a gorgeous flow and energy. The necklace is fastened by beautiful, wide organza ribbons, in a delicate shade of mauve that picks out the pink, minky tones from the Shell Pearls. 'Mallorn' is designed to be worn right at the base of the neck, with the lower edge just resting on the collarbones, but the ribbon fastening allows some flexibility.

Wire Collar approx: 30cm (shaped).
Central leaf' 5cm deep.
Ribbons approx 35cm long

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October: Tourmaline / Opal

October's birthstones are Tourmaline, the most naturally colourful gem, and Opal, a gem rich in optical light play.